Scenar Medical Research and Scenar Results

The results produced through use of SCENAR therapy have indeed been remarkable. Presently the therapy has been used as a treatment method in more than 50,000 different conditions. A large body of research confirms that SCENAR has proven effective. It is this high success rate which makes SCENAR the therapy of choice for more than 10,000 practitioners in its country of origin, Russia, along with some 500 in the United Kingdom. Use of this ground breaking therapy is now growing rapidly in Australia.

Medical Research Papers on SCENAR Therapy

Results on SCENAR therapy


Case study results by Yuri Gorfinkel, MD


Biocontrollable electrostimulation in clinics of nervous diseases

S. A. Lishnevski, Likarska Sprava 2002;(7):68-70, Kiev, Ukraine


SCENAR-therapy in Ischemic Stroke Rehabilitation

B.P.Kulizhskiy, S.S.Kulizhskaya, A.I.Maar, O.V.Minayev


SCENAR-technology for chemotherapy-induced neurotoxicity

B. Zaidiner, N. Lyan, I. Baranovsky, I. Petrenko4, 20th Anniversary International MASCC/ISOO Symposium, Supportive Care in Cancer, St. Gallen, Switzerland June 27 - 30, 2007


The Combination Of SCENAR And Activity Based Program For The Rehabilitation Of Individuals Affected By Paralysis

Coleman S.,Gloucester, Great Britain

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