Meet the Scenar Advantage Team of Scenar Therapists


Head Therapist and Director - Wade Boeree



Wade is a very proud father, owner and highly respected industry principal therapist who also has the honour of bringing Newcastle its first SCENAR Therapy Clinic, Scenar Advantage, which he established in 2007.

With Certificates in Fitness and Massage therapy, Wade has been involved with sports and nutrition for over ten years. Seeing the potential of SCENAR, and the fast results achievable Wade took the initiative to educate himself and others in the amazing ability of SCENAR as a standalone therapy in the Hunter Region to now become Australia's busiest SCENAR Therapy Clinic.

Having completed comprehensive personal training with Internationally renowned Doctors and Chris Mortensen, Australia’s most experienced and highly respected SCENAR therapist, educator and presenter, Wade has gained the skills and abilities to become recognised as one of Australia's most experienced SCENAR therapist.

Wade has successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from a vast range of physical dysfunctions, pain and injuries, helping them to relieve pain and gain life.                                  



- Cert. III Information Technology


- Trade Qualification in Food and Nutrition 


- RITM SCENAR Institute, Level 1 Scenar Professional Therapist 

- Completed Senior First Aid training 

 - RITM SCENAR Institute, Level 2 Scenar Professional Therapist 


- RITM SCENAR Institute, Level 3 Scenar Professional Therapist

- Trained with Dr Gerd Raetzel in The Advanced Scenar at International Conference (Orthopaedic surgeon / biomedical engineer / Scenar therapy)

- Massage Therapy Cert. IV

 - Fitness Instruction Cert. III


-  RITM SCENAR Institute, trained in Women’s Health          

-  RITM SCENAR Institute, trained in Aesthetic Medicine  


-  RITM SCENAR Institute, trained in Sport Injuries

-  RITM SCENAR institute Participant in Australasian SCENAR Conference with Dr Donese Worden N.M.D & Prof. A. Tarakanov (Rostov State Medical University)


- DIPLOMA Remedial Massage


Therapist - Alana Peter


Alana Peter


Alana is Scenar Advantage Aesthetic and Women's health specialist Scenar Therapist.
In 2009 after studying Psychology at Newcastle University Alana joined the ScenarAdvantage team as a Business Trainee. Very quickly it was noted by Wade and other's that Alana had a unique ability with people and should start down the path to becoming a Scenar Therapist. With comprehensive on the job professional training provided at Scenar Advantage plus the professional training provided at the RITM Scenar Institute, Alana has gained the very best knowledge, skill and training to become one of Scenar Advantages best therapists.                



- RITM SCENAR Institute, Trained in Home User SCENAR

- RITM SCENAR Institute, Level 1 SCENAR Professional Therapist

- RITM SCENAR Institute, trained in Women's Health 

- RITM SCENAR Institute, trained in Aesthetic Medicine

- Certificate III in Business


- RITM SCENAR Institute, Level 2 SCENAR Professional Therapist


Therapist and Nurse - Jenine Boeree

Jenine is Wade's joined the ScenarAdvantage team as a Business Trainee in 2010.         


- Mother and Wife 

- 30 yrs as an Enrolled Nurse


- RITM SCENAR Institute, Level 1 SCENAR Professional Therapist

- RITM SCENAR Institute, Level 2 SCENAR Professional Therapist


- RITM SCENAR Institute, trained in Sport Injuries

- RITM SCENAR Institute, Level 3 SCENAR Professional Therapist

- RITM SCENAR Institute, trained in Women's Health 

- RITM SCENAR Institute, trained in Aesthetic Medicine


- Business Cert III