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What is SCENAR?

SCENAR is a therapeutic medical device that relies on the body’s mechanism of adaptation. SCENAR therapy is unique because it locates, measures and prompts problem areas (asymmetries) through the skin to help relieve pain and restore function for maximum therapeutic effectiveness.

Scenar Advantage

This medical revolution in therapy can help relieve the causes and symptoms of acute and chronic pain conditions and physical dysfunction. With over 35yrs experience in the health industry SCENAR Advantage staff provide SCENAR Therapy with only qualified SCENAR Therapists.

SCENAR Testimonials

SCENAR Advantage has been achieving fantastic results in pain relief and restoration of function. SCENAR Therapy both in the home and in professional consultation has proven to be successful. Click the link below to read some individual case studies and testimonials.


Delivers non-invasive, non-toxic, computer modulated, and therapeutic electro-stimulation through the skin. A biofeedback device which involves no drugs or surgery it works to help the body heal itself. SCENAR is a medical revolution which can help relieve the causes and symptoms of acute and chronic painful conditions and physical dysfunction.

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