Testimonial - Heel never fix me !!!!!!!!

My name is Mark Fox and 11 years ago in 1999 i damaged my heels playing sports , After a long Football season in the the cold winter of northern england and a few steroid injections i had to give up the game i love. 

Few years later i moved to Australia and was asked many times to play for a few different teams but i knew it would never happen because of my heels, Every morning that i got out of bed i would walk on my tip toes till the pain stretched out. 

Even my work boots had extra heal sponge because of the pain ,  living on nurofen to ease the pain was no life at all , In 2009 i was asked again to sign for my now local team platttsburg fc in the over 35s league of course i said no at first. 

But one day i was driving to work and heard the advert for Scenar Advantage (Do you feel pain something old something new) and thought i would give it a go but never thought it would work at all. 

After my 1st session  Wade asked me to walk with pressure on my heels and although i could feel my injury still abit it was amazing what 1 visit had done after my fourth visit and 2 weeks rest my injury was gone to my disbelief , i thought in a few months it would be back but it had gone and felt fantastic to have no pain after nearly a decade. 

I signed up to play Football (Soccer) and had no injurys all season had the best season met new friends and we won the League and Grand Final all up seeing Wade was the best money i ever spent and recomend anybody to visit him. 

I will finnish with a big thank you to Wade and his business Scenar Advantage for bringing me back even if i was 38 then , I am a true believer of Scenar Therapy it worked for me and will for you!! 

Thanks Again.

Best Regards. 
Mark Fox