Scenar bioSCENAR


The device supports several Modes of operation:

Manual Mode – all device setting, localization of active points and treatment duration are determined subjectively by the therapists

Dosing Modes–treatment of a particular skin area is dosed automatically by the device. The treatment time is determined by the device and depends on the changes of skin parameters.

Screening Mode- a measuring mode for quick determination of the most optimal treatment zones.

 Auto Mode- The device settings are selected and grouped into 24 preset settings. In this mode the treatment time can also be set from 5m to 30 min.

One of the unique functions of the new device arebioGap and bioFrequency that can be used alone or combined. The body reaction determines the influencing Frequency, Gap and current Intensity. This is a revolutionary invention that makes the SCENAR technology even more interactive and efficient.

With a wider range of Frequencies (from 1Hz to 500Hz) the bioSCENAR provides users with more options to address general and specific pain conditions.

New Frequency Modulation range is incorporated in the bioSCENAR where the user can either select to work with any of the six preset FM or choose the Start and End Frequencies.

The BioSCENAR has 24preset treatment protocols for variety of acute and chronic conditions. The practitioner can quickly select the most appropriate protocol and start the therapy with confidence and minimal training. A treatment timer has been added when the device is used with external electrodes.

Additionally the new colour graphical display and more powerful processorensure quick and user friendly operation with the device - important skin readings are highlighted in colours and bigger fonts, current device setting are displayed in the Dosing Modes, optional Advance mode screen where the practitioner can observe the change of specific skin parameters.

The bioSCENAR also supports the other standard settings of SCENAR Pro+ devices such as, Amplitude Modulation, Damping modes, Intensity and Gap.