Scenar History

Developed in the 1970s by a team of Russian doctors and scientists, a combination of Western medical technology with Eastern energy medicine. SCENAR was the first to achieve repeatable therapeutic treatment using energetic signals to stimulate the body’s systems.

To date SCENAR has been successful in treating thousands of disorders such as circulatory, respiratory, neurological, genito-urinary, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, endocrine, immune, and psychological. It is believed there are very few illnesses SCENAR can not treat and often cure.



1975 -

The first device incorporating SCENAR technology emerged towards the end of the 70’s, from OKB “RITM”, and was named Electro Neuro Stimulator - ENS; developed by an engineer it by the name of Alexander Karasev

1978 -


A. Karasev gave one of the few ENS -devices to Dr. A Revenko  for trials. He worked at that time in Taganrog’s neurology clinic, and received unexpected and distinctive responses with the device> for a few years from then on Revenko worked alongside A.Karasev, during which time much excellent effort resulted in the development of the device, now named by Revenko “Energy Neuro Adaption Stimulator” - ENS-01. At the same time Revenko also cooperate with other engineers in “MIDAS” and developed with them a range of ENS devices: ENS-02, ENS-03 etc. These devices were given for trials to a number of doctors in Rostov and Taganrog   

1980’s -

OKB “RITM” introduced the ENS to military and Space organisations

1985 -

Revenko suggested a new name - ‘CENAR’, and is later changed to ‘SCENAR’

1986 -

Revenko presents first SCENAR TO USSR Health Care Ministry in order to obtain permission to produce the device and use it in clinical practice. OKB “RITM”, at its factory “Pryboj”, starts preparations for the production of SCENAR -devices.

1986-7 -

SCENAR is awarded Silver and Bronze Medals at the Main Exhibition of the USSR.

1987 -

The first SCENAR - patent is awarded to the following five individuals - A.Revenko, A.Karasev, A.Kibirev, V.Zacharevich, and A.Nechuschkin. At this same time, OKB “RITM” opens its first medical centre, where the first SCENAR practitioners were: Peter Kruglov, Alexander Dogadkin, Yuri Gorfinkel, Leonid Pac, and Sergej Pobokin. Revenko simultaneously opens his own Medical Clinic “Biocorrection”, where he practices SCENAR therapy, together with 10 other SCENAR Practitioners. 

1989-95 -

The engineers of OKB “RITM” developed and produced many different types of SCENAR’s: SCENAR-033 with solar-powered batteries, SCENAR-032, and SCENAR-035. During this time. A.Karasev continues to work as an engineer in OKB “RITM” until in 1990, when he parts ways with OKB “RITM” and opens his own SCENAR company. 

1992 -

The first SCENAR training seminar is held in Divnomorsky, on the Black Sea; the first teacher is Alexander Revenko

1994 -

The first International SCENAR conferences are developed.

1996 -

OKB “RITM” creates, develops and produces a new device, the SCENAR-97 series

1998 -

The first international SCENAR training Seminar takes place in NASSAI in the Bahamas. The first teachers are Alexander Revenko and Yuri Gorfinkel.

1999 -

The international production company “intermediate Services” is established in Holland (it has since been re-named “RITMEDIC”) and commences production of the SCENAR-97 device, under licence from for OKB “RITM” for Europe and the UK

2003 -

SCENAR enters Australia for the first time




OKB RITM opens a branch office in Australia