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Sleep Ezi

 "Necessity is the mother of invention" - Plato

Sleep Ezi has been developed by a nurse and has been well received by members of the nursing fraternity, as well as receiving Sleep Ezi is a natural sleep aid which is comfortable, easy to apply, always at hand and a necessary accessory.

Sleep Ezi blocks out ambient light and assists in blocking out intense light. No longer will you need to pull up the bed linen, hide your head under a pillow or use whatever is at hand to put over your eyes to endeavour to block out the light. 

Sleep is a dynamic process essential for everyone's well being. However, we all live different lifestyles with different circumstances. We all sleep by the same principle of darkness which can be difficult to achieve because of the amount of ambient light we are exposed to. 

Problems caused by insufficient sleep include: poor memory function, difficulty with complex thought, interference with motor response, decreased attention span, poor performance and difficulty in controlling emotions. 

Sleep Ezi can help you to go off to sleep faster, sleep deeper and more restfully and for longer... the natural way.

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