Scenar Therapy System

SCENAR Therapy Relieve Pain Gain Life Advantage

 Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator

SCENAR Therapy is a revolutionary therapeutic medical modality that utilizes computer-modulated interactive electro-stimulation to prompt the body to heal itself. The SCENAR (Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator) is a hand-held, therapeutic medical device (ARTG 101783). Licensed to treat pain and physiological dysfunction.

Why is SCENAR different?

 SCENAR therapy is different from other therapeutic stimulation because a SCENAR device interacts with the body through the skin to precisely and simultaneously locate, measure and treat problem areas (asymmetries) to help relieve pain and restore function

Where is SCENAR from?

 SCENAR was initially developed by doctors and scientists within the Russian space program in the late 1970s to cope with the unique problems of space travel. Today SCENAR is a mainstream medical modality in Russia and there it has very many applications.

How does SCENAR work?

 The SCENAR communicates with all functions of the body through direct contact on the skin, tuning into the body’s inner communication, and understanding the body’s needs from the signals being sent back and forth. The SCENAR responds to these signals accordingly with gentle electrical impulses that communicate with the nervous system to stimulate the body’s own healing process.

SCENAR Treatments

 Scenar Advantage are your premier Scenar health professional, we use SCENAR therapy as a stand alone clinical therapy. With the use of multiple frequencies your therapist and the SCENAR will apply an effective and fast treatment of simple and complex complaints. 

The range and frequency of treatments depends on the presenting complaint at the time of your treatment.When function is restored, the symptoms leave by themselves. To engage in natural healing, we at Scenar Advantage ask you to reconsider  your view of how your body functions and follow a course of action that  follows nature.      


Please consider the following:

  •   Each SCENAR session is unique because your body guides the session according to its own wisdom
  •   The focus is on health and not on disease
  •   Recovery is quicker and easier in a clean, active body
  •   Healing starts in the mind
  •   Recovery is slower and less effective if there is no real desire to heal and  change  for the better
  • An improved state of mind is a sign that recovery is proceeding positively and that the body will follow
  • Natural body healing typically proceeds from: - recent conditions to older conditions - more vital organs to less vital organs - inside to outside of your body - top to bottom of your body
  •   Something started should be completed
  • Any shift or change is the main positive sign
  • Sometimes a sign of successful treatment occurs with a short  aggravation of the main symptoms of your condition
  • A short aggravation of your condition is good and means that the proper function  has been stimulated and healing has begun
  • After one layer of healing has occurred, symptoms of an older, deeper layer of an incomplete cycle of illness may express itself (old injuries etc)
  • These old symptoms are also good and are signs that the body is ready to heal an even deeper problem
  • Pharmaceutical medications may make it difficult to follow symptoms and complete adaptive reactions
  • Treatment is always more effective during a period of symptom expression - i.e. when you feel your worst!
  • Rare intense reactions are a profound sign of healing
  • Absence of symptoms may not be a sign of health but instead a body blocked by  incomplete actions
  • The goal in SCENAR is to achieve the most while doing the least - the emphasis is on helping your body to heal itself
  • A session may require from 30 to 60 minutes
  • The more recent the problem, the faster the recovery
  • Acute conditions may need  frequent short sessions
  • Chronic conditions may need one or two sessions per week to begin


      If you require any questions or queries do not hesitate to contact us.

      This information  should not be considered complete, or take the place of a consultation with a physician or competent health care professional for medical diagnosis and / or treatment.