Testimonial - Susan Morris - Spinal Injury - Surgery not an option

I heard about Scenar Advantage on the radio. I was at my wits end due to chronic pain as the result of a lumbar spine injury sustained in 2003. I had seen many specialists and a neuro surgeon who told me that surgery wasn't an option and that I basically was limited to a life of analgesia.

As a Registered Nurse who leads an active life I felt this wasn't a realistic option, particularly as I'm only in my late 40's. I had been experiencing periods of depression and helplessness when I gave in and went to see the guys at SA. On that day I had a pain score of 7/10, I left with a pain score of 1/10 and at its worst its only gotten to a 4/10. I'm hooked on continuing my treatments, they work, they're none invasive, no analgesia and have made a huge difference in my life. Thanks Alana for allowing me to  smile again, sleep again and start running again!