Testimonial - Athina Parise - Critical Care Cert, BHSc(Nursing), MEd(Adult Education), Scenar Therapist - Abdominal Pain

I am a Registered Nurse with 27 years experience in acute care nursing. Currently I am working in the busiest Emergency Department in Perth, Western Australia. I was introduced to SCENAR in June 2008 where I completed Level 1 Training in Sydney. I embraced the holistic concepts, principles, and protocols of SCENAR therapy. They made perfect sense to me in the scheme of universal dynamics and being quite an eclectic nurse, I was excited about what SCENAR technology would bring to western medicine. With my newfound pain management and health restoration strategy I went about treating my family, friends and work colleagues. Despite having only completed Level 1 training at this stage I was still achieving unbelievable results with people I treated. My western medical indoctrinated brain was becoming quite vigilant about potential application of this device in an acute care environment. I did possess slight healthy scepticism about how effective SCENAR therapy would be in an acute situation...

Then it happened. In July 2008 I was walking back from a lovely luncheon at the hotel which Level 2 training was being held when I felt a nasty sharp, deep, stabbing pain in my abdomen (right upper quadrant). My first thought was I shouldn't have had that 2nd serving of curry ... I sat down in my seat and the stabbing pain rapidly escalated to 10/10. I told Chris Mortensen to call an ambulance. Feeling faint, diaphoretic and extremely unwell I thought I was going to die. Doubled over, Chris told me to get on the massage table. I couldn't move so Chris and Wade helped me up. I was feeling quite panicky by this stage. I wouldn't let Chris or Wade treat the point of pain. I still wanted an ambulance. They cleverly worked a reciprocal area for about 5-10mins. The pain settled down to about 3/10. Feeling exhausted and shocked I asked Chris "what was that?" he replied, "I don't know". My medical training was going through all potential diagnosis - Cholecystitis? Cholelithiasis? Gall bladder artery spasm? Liver disease? Pancreatitis? All that mattered to me at the time was that the pain was manageable. I sat back in my seat wrapped in the blanket bandage and managed to get through the rest of the day. I doubted I would get through the night without a visit to the hospital. That night I slept with the bandage wrapped around my upper abdomen. Exhausted from having been in so much pain, I slept through the night pain free. I woke up pain free. I managed to complete Level 2 without any further episodes.

SCENAR technology and the expert handling of Chris and Wade saved probably well over $2000.00 in health care terms. An ambulance trip, intravenous analgesia and antiemetic, an ultrasound and possible surgical review and overnight stay in hospital? I have never had another episode. Whatever caused it has been resolved through one treatment of SCENAR in a very acute situation. I feel I needed to go through this whole experience to comprehend and respect the highly sophisticated technology of SCENAR. It was after this experience I decided I need to pursue clinical trials and open my own SCENAR Therapy Clinic in Perth. My clinic 'SCENAR - Relieving Pain Restoring Health' opened in Joondalup, Perth, WA in September 2008.

Athina Parise - RN, Crit Care Cert, BHSc(Nursing), MEd(Adult Education), Scenar Therapist

Perth, Western Australia