Testimonial - Mark Griffiths - Joint Pain & Inflammation

I was suffering from pain in my knees and feet for over twelve months. I had seen various doctors to obtain some relief but this was only a short term fix and the problem would return. I was running out of patience and willing to try anything when a friend of mine heard the add on the radio for Scenar Advantage. She gave me the number and I made an appointment straight away.

I visited Scenar Advantage and was treated by Alana Peter - I hobbled into the office due to the pain in my ankles and feet. Alana was very professional and listened to my problems and jotted down some notes. Alana explained how the system worked and then my treatment began.

The treatment was painless and during the time Alana and i talked about various topics and the time just flew by. Prior to the treatment my knees and feet were very sore and my ankles were quite swollen. After the treatment I could actually walk properly, my knees and feet weren't nearly as sore and my ankles had been reduced almost back to their normal size. IT WAS AMAZING.

I visited Scenar Advantage for one more treatment and that was enough for me to get back to normal. I went to a 10 day Sports Carnival just after my second visit and had no pain or problems during that time. It has now been 3 months since I first contacted Scenar Advantage and I have had no problems whatsoever.

I have told all my friends about the relief Scenar Advantage has given me and I can honestly recommend this treatment to anyone in pain