Testimonial - Raelene Clemens - Radiation Therapy & Scar Tissue

Radiation Therapy and Scar Tissues

Six years ago, having had breast cancer, had all the treatments and two lots of surgery.

All left my right arm very tight and unproductive. Visited countless professional people to help with the tightness and restriction in my arm.

It was that very good communication system that we all rely on “Word of mouth” that I contacted Scenar Advantage.  Again I was rather sceptical but open minded.

The first treatment I could reach my left shoulder with my right arm which I could only do by supporting it. After a week I could still complete that task.

On the second treatment, the concentration was to relieve the pain in my right arm so I could use it for computer and domestic purposes. I was told it would take a couple more session for the treatment to kick in.  I came home that afternoon and could not believe the results were immediately, that night I could sleep on that shoulder without the pain being so intense.

Many thanks to the staff for listening and having patience and applying “Duty of Care” attitude.


Raelene C