Testimonial - Ron Jordan - Business Owner - Injury and Pain

I had my first treatment with Wade Boeree on Tuesday 2nd of July 2008. I told him of the constant ache in my right shoulder due to rotor cuff injuries through sporting activities. I had constant lower back pain in the sciatica area. My hamstrings were knotted and tight.

I was a top grade and representative baseball pitcher, opening bowler at Newcastle District Cricket 1st grade level. Later playing lower grades due to my injuries, then I was forced me to stop at 35.

In 2003 I returned to play baseball in the masters games in Canberra with the aid of pain killing injections I love sport and camaraderie of my old team mates that much. I have played in the local 6th grade competitions since then with phoenix baseball club.

I averaged two massages a week during the baseball season just to keep playing. I told Wade my history.

At my first consultation and treatment Wade told me I would feel a marked improvement with my shoulder and other injuries after 5 treatments. He lied! I could not believe the difference after 3 treatments in two weeks; nor could my team watching me run after watching me these past years hobbling around the field.

My general well being and energy levels has improved. After the five treatments i bought my own machine and have been treating myself. I went back to Wade for A booster treatment I call it. He gave me advice on the operation of my machine and unselfishly showed me some different treatment areas.

My back or shoulder HAS STOPPED ACHEING. I can touch my toes. On Saturday the 6th of September 2008 I will pitch in the 6th grade baseball grand final at Miller Fields Belmont. I am 62 on the 6th of October this year 2008.

This treatment has certainly worked for me!!

Ron J

Business Owner