Testimonial - Terry Wake - Pain Down legs

My initial experience with scenar occurred about 3 1/2 years ago when i suffered with severe pain in my leg making walking very difficult and painful, and walking up or down stairs near impossible. After struggling with the problem for around 2 weeks, trying all the usuals such as massage, stretching and pain killing drugs, all provided temporary relief. I was desperate so anything was worth a go and a phone call later I had an appointment at ScenarAdvantage with Wade.

The results were both immediate and spectacular. I struggled (almost crawled) into their rooms and an hour later walked out, much more confident and with a lot less pain. A series of about 5 appointments over a 3-4 week period and my problem was gone.

My most recent episode October 2012 was just as dramatic in the degree of pain and desperation. I was suffering severe sciatic pain starting from the lower back, groin, hip and shooting down the leg. This time straight to ScenarAdvantage, again a phone call later I had an appointment that same day with Alana.

I struggled in, holding onto doors, anything to give me support. Same result as 3 1/2 years previously, the problem was identified, treated and I walked out comfortably an hour or so later. 

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this treatment to anyone suffering from pain. I have found Alana just as Wade during my first experience, to be very thorough, very professional and extremely competent. She is a very pleasant young lady and displays impeccable “treatment room manners”, she explains the whole process including what to expect immediately and in terms of longer term recovery.

If my experiences are anything to go by your results could be quite spectacular and satisfying.


Terry Wake